New Custom Designs

New Reversible Black Vest
New Reversible Black Vest
Purple Python With Sleeves
Purple Python With Sleeves
New White Eyelash Jacket
New White Eyelash Jacket

Custom Made Reversible Golf Shirts and Resortwear

Custom golf shirt — Golf Clothing in Palm Desert, CA
Welcome to our website. My name is Elaine Bordessa Newbrough and I am the owner and designer of Reversible Golf and Resortwear. For over 8 years, I've been designing custom made Golf, Resort, and Travel wear for women. From XS to 5X, you choose the fabric and fit from our designs and over 100 fabrics and we make it for you. All items are sewn at my shop in Palm Desert, California. The fabrics we use are all wash and wear, so no matter where you are a quick hand wash and hang dry will get you back in your new design and ready to take on whatever adventure you have planned for yourself. You can have a private fitting at our shop or order by phone. Just visit our fitting video below to see how to size yourself. It's that easy.For your fashion experience, give us a call at 760-333-6991!

Introduction & Fitting Instructions Video

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All golf shirts, jackets, skirts, pants, vests, and resort wear are made to order. All Jackets, Vests and Skirts are made reversible. Golf Shirts can be made both single sided or reversible as well. You select the size (from XS to 5X), the sleeve length, the zipper, and the fabric. Any color combination that you'd like.
To view our Introduction and fitting instructions click here.
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Brown Rose
Green Jungle
Blue Silver
Blue Peacock
Black, White and Gold
Neon Pink Seq
Purple Seq
White Seq
Black Seq
Red Seq
Aqua Seq
Neon Green Seq
Orange Seq
Black Stone
Teal Foil
Blue surprise
Orange Surprise
Pink Surprise
Green Surprise
Black and White Zebra
Colored Circle Seq
White Rain
Metallic blue with silver
American Stars
Black Rain
Red golf circle
American Stripes
Red and White Diamond
Brown Blend with Sequin
Black with Snowballs
Blue Snake
Turquoise Leopard
Black Lava
Black with Silver Rings
Brown, Black, with Teal Glitter Mesh
Plum Black Zebra
Baby Blue Leopard with Gold Overlay
Snow Tiger
Brown Fireworks
Black and white print with red zigzag
Animal Rainbow
Red with stone print
Golf Foil Leopard
Wooden pink fabric
Leopard print with blue
Orange red and blue animal print
Black and violet print
Red fabric with highlights
Red and metallic stripe
Bronze golf shirt
Sequin American Flag
Pink fabric with glitters
Raised Tiger
Red diamond print
White fabric with purple shapes — Custom Clothing & Accessories in Palm Desert, CA
Zebra Mesh
Black Cheetah
Black Sebra
Black and with mixed print fabric — Custom Clothing & Accessories in Palm Desert, CA
Animal print fabric with circles — Custom Clothing & Accessories in Palm Desert, CA
White fabric with metallic gold curve shape — Custom Clothing & Accessories in Palm Desert, CA
Pink Camo
Orange Camo
Midnight Blue Foil
Denim and Diamonds
Black Knit with Gold Threading
Black Knit with Silver Threading
Winter White Crinkle
Abstract Multi — Custom Clothing & Accessories in Palm Desert, CA
Abstract green zebra — Custom Clothing & Accessories in Palm Desert, CA
BW Cow — Custom Clothing & Accessories in Palm Desert, CA
F-Tiger — Custom Clothing & Accessories in Palm Desert, CA
Place your order by calling 760-333-6991 or by emailing us at
Reversible Golf Storefront — Custom Clothing & Accessories in Palm Desert, CA
Visit Our Show Room at 41-995 Boardwalk, Suite L1, Palm Desert, CA 92211, in the Palm Desert Business Center.